“An exhibition of dazzling photomontages at the Tom Blau Gallery is this week’s most exciting (London) show”

Geraldine Norman, The Independent
(on Transformation)

“Somewhere in this productive tension between loss and memory, the object and the imagination, lies the power of these images”

Dawn Ades, Professor of Art History, author of Photomontage
(on the Mill cycle)
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“Intricate and abstract the small fragments of the mill and spices and segments of river, and pavement combine to form startling and subtle images by correspondence, disruption or both. The work can be read on several levels. As shimmering metaphors for the last remnant of colonial links long transformed by the aeroplane and trade agreements; as a reverie on colour, shape and texture and as an opportunity to engage our sensibilities in pleasure and thought.”

Phillippa Goodall, Programming Director for Photography, Watershed, Bristol
(on Transformation)

“I was enthralled by your work”

Ariane Koek, Producer, Woman’s Hour, BBC
(on the Mill cycle)
Woman’s Hour were/are keen to do a programme

“I found the pieces exquisite”

Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne
(on the Mill cycle)

“The Tate should take note of this work”

Dawn Ades, Professor of Art History, University of Essex
(on the The Power and the Glory)
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“I was most interested in your work… my colleagues felt that the work was very striking…”

Mark Bills, Curator, Museum of London
(on the Bankside Power Station and recent Thames work)

“This work should be seen by the Tate…”

Stephen Lacey of the Stephen Lacey Gallery, London

“This work is very interesting and new. I think you should let Sir Nicholas Serota know about this work”

Dr. Zdenek Felix, Director of the Deichtorhallen, Hamburg (one of the most important and largest exhibition venues in Germany) who saw my portfolio on The Bankside Power Station work and Thames work

“Your work is very special…”

Barbara Honrath, Head of Arts, Goethe–Institut, London

“Your work is very interesting…”

Victoria Pirie, Senior Arts and Museums Officer, Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Bournemouth

“There should be a book on your work. The Photographers Gallery should show your work”

Mark Gisbourne, Art Critic and Historian

Susannah Hyman, White Cube, Hoxton Square, London considers the work very interesting and both she and Jules Wright, Director, The Wapping Project, Wapping Hydraulic Power Station have asked me to keep them informed and invited to any exhibition I might have.

Dr. Gerhard Graulich, Kunstsammlungen Staatliches Museum Schwerin, Germany, considered how the work might be shown.