A Sense of Place

Karin, for the first time, exhibited two of her works at the Photo Hub exhibition A Sense of Place, held at the Observer Building Gallery, Hastings, between 28 October and
14 November 2015.  She is pleased to have been selected for this show.  The exhibition has been reviewed by the Hastings Online Times.

Karin showed two related works:


(Both works have been previously exhibited in London as part of the MEME exhibition.)

Karin’s works explore that which is in the photo and that which is not e.g. small islands in the river at low tide are re-created through the shape of the image but so is the flow of the river from where it is rural, gentle and beautiful to where, in Urban River II, the Thames becomes angular, is dissected by bridges and hemmed in by walls and wharves while litter bobs around.  In this work a red canister moves through the image  on its way to the sea.

IMG_1764 Thames at Low Tide
Multiples of one photograph on sprayed MDF board, framed under glass
w 180 cm x h 097 cm

 Urban River II
Multiples of two photographs on sprayed MDF board, framed under glass
w149 cm x h 155 cm

The Observer Building is a temporary art space and the gallery part of it is vast. Inside and outside the building, graffiti artists have left their mark and it will be interesting to see how well the curated exhibition will sit with random and spontaneous mark-making. For Karin this is a new experience and she is curious as to how it will work out.

Karin has taken some snapshots of the site and building.

The Observer Building

The Observer Building


The gallery space on the first floor at a previous exhibition


A door on that floor


A pillar on the ground floor


The alley at the back of the building

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