Sea Road

As part of Coastal Currents and PhotoHastings, Andrea Artz, Alexander Brattell, Colin Booth and Karin took SEA ROAD, the title of their exhibition, as a metaphor for the work that was on show.
“My work in this show follows the gradual building up of litter in the Thames making its way to the sea. In this sense all rivers are sea roads.  I include, quite concretely, plastic detritus collected from the Hastings beach in the evening, left there and/or washed up from the sea.”

PS No, I didn’t include it; “the gallery space didn’t like it”.


Urban Thames II

Multiples of two photographs on sprayed MDF board
h 198 cm x w 103 cm
framed under glass

Private view (showing one of Karin’s works to the right)

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