Janus in Southwark Park

Some of Karin’s work was featured in the Janus exhibition at Cafe Gallery Projects London, Southwark Park SE16 from 18 January – 4 February 2006

The promotional flyer had this to say about the theme of the exhibition:

Janus is the Roman god of gates and doorways, beginnings and endings, change, transition and all that is double edged in life, unlocking the portals to whatever is termed ?culture?.

In the month of Janus, Cafe Gallery Projects London open their doors to the Bermondsey Artists’ Group (BAG) Biennale. This is the first in a series of exhibitions and events, featuring work proposed, selected, made and curated by members of the Bermondsey Artists’ Group. The exhibition consists of a multi-disciplinary selection of works responding to the patron of January.

Founded in 1984 by members of the Bermondsey Artists’ Group, Cafe Gallery Projects London is an artist-led initiative. It promotes a wide range of work, from internationally recognised artists to various creative practices beyond the gallery system. This exhibition provides a rare chance to see the talent of the membership behind the organisation.

Alive art programme consisting of performances by exhibitors and collaborations with invited artists will run as an integral part of the exhibition.

The pieces of Karin’s work that were shown in the exhibition were: two from the Bankside Power Station cycle: the detail shot featuring part of a gate which joins and separates an electric sub-station from Tate Modern. The second image was created from an interior shot (detail) of the roof of Bankside Power Station but makes architectural references to the windows of that building. The third picture shows the Canary Wharf IRA bombing plus advertising hoardings.


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