Good news: the exhibition Transformation 2.0 will open in the Galerie der Burg Neustadt-Glewe, the oldest military castle in Mecklenburg and will run from 17 May to 2 August 2020.

Neustadt-Glewe is a delightful small town hugged by tributaries of the river Elde. In this town my father and his two brothers grew up. Werner, the youngest was the first to die, aged 18. Before the war had ended, father’s parents had passed away, too. Otti, the middle son, never returned from the war. Somewhere he was killed. Father remained silent about himself and the beautiful town in which he once had lived and had briefly set up home as a newly wed man to a girl from Parchim. So it is a particular joy to me, to bring this exhibition to Neustadt-Glewe. Perhaps to bring the family I never met ‘home’, to transform absence into living memory?

The title Transformation 2.0 marks the changes that have taken place since 1993 when this cycle of work was first shown in London and Bristol. It also refers to the way I work with the single unedited photograph as my medium. From the multiples of one, rarely two photos I create an abstract image. These constructed images, mounted on board and framed under glass, explore through their formal layout and content the complexity of the industrial processes and the transformation of a working industrial mill into an enchanting Aladdin’s cave at the point of its closure. Plant/machinery/cogwheel and plant/spice/flower merge into one organic whole. My work invites the viewer to consider that something is irretrievably being lost.

Two pictures from the Mill cycle at a previous exhibition

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