PhotoHastings Summer Exhibition “All together, we are different”

The exhibition ran from 19 July 2022 to 29 July 2022 at the Stade Hall, Hastings. The exhibition ran concurrently with Karin’s solo exhibition in Neustadt-Glewe, Germany.

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Karin’s picture on the way to the exhibition:

The ruins of Edward III’s Manor House, once an important royal house on the Thames in Bermondsey, have been excavated but kept half hidden for protection under a grassy hill. History peeps out from underneath the edges.  Further along the Thames there is Hampton Court Palace with its great formal gardens. The flowers gave no sense of history and the passing of time except that when I photographed them, they were past their prime and fading.  The image I created has a feeling of old-fashioned lace, a keepsake that holds the memory of something precious long since gone.

Royal Vintage
Multiples of one photo on sprayed MDF board
w 86 cm x h 112cm
Framed under glass

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